St. Cloud police are reporting more vehicle thefts and car break-ins over the past few days.  Alicia Mages from Tri-County Crimestoppers joined me this week.  She says they are seeing car thefts in all locations in the city, not just the north side or south side.  She encourages people to not leave their keys in their vehicles and to always lock them.

Mages says St. Cloud and Waite Park are also seeing car break-ins.  She says often times these things are happening when people leave their vehicles unlocked.  Mages says Benton County is reporting catalytic converter thefts she says these are hard to prevent because this happens fast and if you see it done to call people immediately.

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If people would like to report a crime in the Tri-County area you can call 800-255-1301, go to and click "submit a tip" or download the P3 Mobile app.

Listen to Alicia's update below.



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