ST. CLOUD - Schools in the St. Cloud Area District have been offering additional counseling for students after the Crossroads Mall stabbing attack that happened on Saturday.

Executive Director of Student Services, Carol Potter, says the district is actively looking for students who may have been at the mall, knew someone who was there, or seemed troubled by the attack.

"Right away on Monday morning we had all of our counselors out identifying any students who may have been part of the incident or had a family member involved in the incident."

District 742 has been keeping school days typical, while giving students options to talk with counselors if they feel the need to. Potter says students should reach out to the teacher or counselor they trust the most if they want to talk about something. They should also speak up if something doesn't seem right with a friend or classmate.

"We are hoping in those circumstances that students would come forward and say 'I think you need to reach out to this student' so we in turn can get them some additional support."

The district also has three licensed family mental health providers working with all of their schools after the Crossroads attack. They help organize large and small group meetings with groups of students if needed.

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