We all know that there are several chicken fast food restaurants in St. Cloud.  And most of them are within about a 5 block radius.  Every one of them has their own special schtick, too.

This time it's Dave's Hot Chicken restaurants.  Former NBA player and Minnesota native, Kris Humphries along with his family, are bringing several of these restaurants to Minnesota.  Right now, they are working on locations in Apple Valley and Coon Rapids, and soon locations in both St. Cloud and Rochester are in the works.

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Originally it was announced that there would be 10 locations across Minnesota, but mostly around the Twin Cities area, and now have expanded to greater Minnesota.  The planned locations brings the number of new restaurants up to 18.

From Minneapolis/St Paul Business Journal:

Those two locations will be "testing grounds" for expanding throughout Minnesota, Alex Humphries said. 

"Rochester and St. Cloud provide a lot of synergies for where we think the brand can be successful," he said. "Those two locations were the natural segues to expanding outside the Twin Cities."

So, even though I'm sure there will be a lot of people saying that we don't need any more chicken places within St. Cloud, we will be getting at least one more. As to where the location will be, exactly, we will have to wait a bit for that information.

But obviously, the research that would be done before bringing another restaurant of this type to the area must show that it would be successful, despite all of the comments from people stating the contrary.

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