ST. CLOUD -- Having to go through the day hungry is something no one should have to do.

Sara Greeberg-Hassan, a parent at Madison Elementary School in St. Cloud became motivated to solve the problem while eating lunch with her children at the school, by starting a fundraising campaign.

"I was sitting in lunch with my kids and I noticed so many kids buy. I had been aware of the needs of students at Madison Elementary and questioned what happens when kids can't afford their lunches," says Greeberg-Hassan.


(Photo: Richard Leguil, WJON)

Madison Elementary 1st Cook Nora Markfort says some parents don't earn enough to pay for school lunches, yet earn too much to qualify for reduced or free lunches for their children.

"There are so many gray areas are far as financial income, where people don't qualify for assistance yet they don't make enough to pay for the school lunches," says Markfort.

Despite this gray area, Madison Elementary Principle Jean Clark praises the actions of her staff, who routinely go above and beyond to provide full lunches to students who can't pay.

"For some schools in the state they might provide that sandwich or piece of fruit, but at our school chooses to serve a full lunch to those students," says Clark.

Clark also applauds Greeberg-Hassan for her efforts towards helping the students.

"She truly is the angel and the gift we have been given for our students," says Clark.

The fundraising drive has been going for over a week, as of today (Tuesday) the campaign has raised over $1200. Greeberg-Hassan's original goal was just $400.

If you would like to help Madison Elementary kids and donate click on the button below.

(Photo: Richard Leguil, WJON)