Were you a part of "Barbenheimer" this weekend?  Did you choose just one of the movies, or did you see both?

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Did you see "Barbie" and you just don't want it all to end?  I've got good news coming for you if you said yes to that!  Just keep reading.

Both movies brought in an incredible amount of money and it was a record setting weekend.

According to Vulture online:

Barbie has officially won this year’s box office. As of Sunday afternoon, Barbie has the largest domestic opening of 2023 to date, mostly due to its in-escapable marketing efforts and presales, with $155 million. On the other side of the theater, Christopher Nolan’s three hour long Oppenheimer has earned an estimated $80.5 million domestically for its opening weekend.

But here's the best part.  As far as the "Barbie" movie goes, it's the movie that just keeps giving.  If you feel the need to boost your self love or self esteem or if you just need to add a little "Kenergy" to your life. There's something for you.

Did you notice the shirt that Ken is wearing at the end of the movie before the credits roll?  It was bright neon in multiple colors including pink, of course.  And it said simply, "I Am Kenough".  That's the perfect shot of confidence, and now YOU can wear it too.

Photo by: Mattel via Mattel Creations
Photo by: Mattel via Mattel Creations

I'm sure you've already realized that there is no shortage of Barbie merchandise being released by Mattel.  This is a fun one for sure and it's available on the Mattel Creations website.

I hope that gaining this "Kenergy" inspires you and helps you to understand that you truly are "Kenough"!

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