Chalk this one under the category of never hearing about this before. Apparently about an hour south and west of Saint Cloud, in the town of East Bethel, there sits a park known as 'Bethel Haunted Forest'. It's real you can look it up, but is it really haunted?

The park, located just off of University Ave in East Bethel sits back against a grove of trees, and there is a simple square entrance cut out and framed by wood, for any and all who 'dare to enter'.

The park itself actually got its name from starting off as a "haunted forest attraction run by the Bethel Fire Department every fall for a fundraiser." Since its scary start, it has been converted into a mixed-use trail mostly meant for mountain biking.

That being said doesn't mean there can still be things that go bump in the night inside East Bethel's 'Haunted Forest'., a website devoted to mountain biking and off-road biking, writes that there are still some spooky items left out in the forest from its time as a spooky fundraiser. "The old haunted forest attractions are still up and some have been made into out-of-the-ordinary MTB obstacles (drops off the hood of a car, ride through a tunnel made of shredded tarps, etc). Watch your wide bars when going through the door of the building!"

Maybe you want to bookmark this as a destination for later this fall when we get closer to Halloween and see if the kids are ready to conquer a haunted forest, during the day of course, as the park closes at sundown.

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