Was this class offered when I was in middle school? If so, I must have missed the memo! I would have learned so many awesome skills.

Some students from South Junior High School have been busy woodworking this past school year, learning how to design, measure and build. It's safe to say their recent woodworking completion is very impressive.

The cedar playhouse measures 7'x7'x6'. It's got tongue and groove siding and cedar shakes for the roof. This is a child's dream playhouse.

This puts my middle school birdhouse project to shame.  Seriously, these kids aren't even in high school yet and they're building structures that people twice and even three times their age don't have the skill set to build.

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They've put in a lot of work and they've decided to sell their project.  We're not really sure what the money will be used for but this playhouse can be yours for $1,500.

If you're interested in buying the playhouse, you're asked to contact Michael Stadther at michael.stadther@isd742.org.

A photo of the playhouse was posted on the ISD 742 Facebook page. Since being published, the picture has garnered a few hundred social media reactions.

Brenda Schmidt wrote, "Great job, life skills schools still need these along with old fashioned cooking class/basic sewing on a button or hem..."

John Patrick Bowman commented, "They did an excellent, amazing job with this."

Michelle Breitbach Ly said, "This would be great in my yard for daycare and grandson."

Linda Anderson wrote, "This. is. AWESOME!! Way to go Mr. Stadther and students!! #LifeSkills #Jealous 😂".

Great job students! Way to build awesome skills for life. Trust me, these will come in handy.

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