January in Minnesota always means cold temperatures. What better way to warm up than with a hot cup of soup or chili right? How about 40 cups? The best place to get that is at the Soup & Chili Bowl in Cold Spring!

This is one of my favorite events that we participate in each year. The Soup and Chili Bowl is put on by the great people of the Cold Spring Jaycees. They raise money throughout the year and then give that money right back to the community.

Here's how this event works. There are usually 20 types of soup and 20 types of chili from every day people like you and me or from local restaurants. They are judged by a panel of judges and by you for crowd favorite. You come in and can sample any or all of the soups and chilis you would like. It's a way for you to get a taste of everything Central MN has to offer.

Not only do you get to try some of the best soup and chili you will ever put in your mouth, you get a fun night out with the family. Kids are always welcome at the Soup & Chili Bowl. There's always some type of food that they will enjoy too like pizza, brats, burgers and mini doughnuts!

The adults will enjoy the Northern Beer and the live entertainment. This year the Marv Nissel Band will get things started from 5-7pm and then the Whiskey Plates Band takes over from 8-11. Admission is free and prices on beer, food and soups is very affordable.

Do yourself a favor now and mark January 28 on your calendar and draw a big, red circle around it because you do not want to miss the Soup & Chili Bowl! We'll see you there!