Have you ever been pulled over?  I have.  And in full honesty, quite a few times.  I've probably gotten out of as many tickets as I have been given.  So I guess there is a trade off.  One of the tickets I got...the last one irked me.  Mostly because I hadn't had a ticket in over 10 years, I was 7mph over the speed limit, and the officer told me that "she needed to make an example of me".  By the way, no one knows if I got a ticket in the incident or not.  They just see that I was pulled over...that's example enough. In my opinion.

And on that note... here is the thing.  7 miles an hour over the speed limit in the city limits is very different than 7 miles an hour over the speed limit on a highway.  You probably won't get pulled over for going 77 in a 70.  But you can 100% get a ticket for going 37 in a 30.  These two things are not the same. I need to remember that.

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But anyway, maybe I should have tried this. It worked about as well, but the officers did get a kick out of it.

Did this work?  Absolutely not.  But you have to give the guy some credit for humor

And on that note, who carries a card from the Monopoly game anyway?  There is 100% chance that I will not ever have that card in my car.  I do, however, have the game, but I wouldn't have just that card with me for no reason. So I'm thinking he may have brought it with him and kept it either in his car or in his wallet for just this type of occasion.

It is pretty funny.

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