I like to think that I know a lot about marriage, since I've been married 3 times. Some may claim that because of that, I probably know nothing about marriage but "They weren't there, man".

Since that season when a lot of weddings are planned is just about here, I thought I'd pass along a few tongue in cheek suggestions for easing the sometimes pain of it all.

  • First off, there is no hurry to get married. Live a little or preferably a lot before making the commitment. The longer you wait, the shorter that "til death do us part" thing is.
  • Big weddings are nice but putting that money toward a great party and honeymoon in paradise can create some pretty good memories also and a whole less stressful.
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  • They say the first year of marriage is the toughest. From my experience, I'd have to disagree. I found the last year to be much tougher, so avoid that one.
  • Make sure you really know the woman you are committing to for a lifetime. Take your time, that's what engagements are for. If you still have a few doubts, take away her meds and makeup for a month and see what you've got.
  • This one is important, the time it takes your wife to respond when you ask her "What's wrong?" is directly related to how much trouble you're in.
  • When sent to the couch after an argument, make the best of it and pretend you're camping with an angry bear in the area.
  • Finally, understand that, from day one you are wrong even when you are right.

It did take me a few tries to find the right one and it was worth the wait. Good luck!

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