This week our videographer, Abby, and I take you through Molitor's Haunted Acres in Sauk Rapids. The most fun for me was hearing Abby scream and get scared throughout the whole experience!Molitor's Haunted Acres is located just off Highway 10, on County Road 29, in Sauk Rapids behind Molitor's Quarry Grill and Bar. I arrived early and enjoyed a delicious meal in the restaurant - order the Smoked Gouda Potatoes Au Gratin, trust me on this one. We were given the tour around the place first, then waited for dark to arrive.

Once on the wagon, we ventured into the forest and as soon as we were through the gate, the "boo" scares started. These are the scares that come out of nowhere and startle you. I have to give the chain saw guys credit, they made the whole wagon vibrate as they were "cutting" into it. The hayride wound around the forest for at least 15 minutes with scares galore and included the Headless Horseman himself!

Once the ride is over you head over to the four haunted house/maze attractions. The first up is the Mine Shaft. Inside you work your way through a maze of characters that aren't there to "be nice". The transition between Mine Shaft and Blood Trail is quite freaky and you'll have to find your way out of it. From there, you go into the Quarry Asylum that features some caged crazies and the evil nurse up front. They definitely gave Abby a few scares along the way. The final attraction is the Fun House. Inside you'll find creepy clowns and a maze that might just split up your group inside. Abby doesn't like clowns so they had quite a bit of fun with her!

The cost is $13 per person Thursdays and Sundays and $15 per person Fridays and Saturdays. The gates open at 6:30, rides begin at dark.

Here's our behind the scenes look at Molitor's Haunted Acres!