I think it is only safe to assume, at least in current times, that you are constantly being watched out in public. Whether it's walking downtown, in your yard, or doing burnouts in a courthouse parking lot. The last one happened earlier this week in Pine County, and the Sheriff's Office reminded residents and those driving through to avoid the temptation and drive normally through the parking lot.

The Pine County Sheriff's Office posted about the incident yesterday afternoon.

We remember a post that we did last year about our cameras. Well, this person must not follow us. This person thought it was a good idea to pull into the courthouse and do a burnout. A short time later a deputy pulled them over and they denied doing a burnout, only that they were "thinking" about it. We have the video to help jog your memory if you need it. Enforcement action was taken on this.

I think my favorite part of the post from the Pine County Sheriff's Office was that the man's response to a deputy was that he was 'thinking' about doing a burnout. It seems that the man was cited after being presented with the facts, at least from what the post indicates.

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So what did we learn here? Well, 1. The courthouse in Pine County has nice cameras that will catch you doing 'naughty' things, and 2. If you are pulled over and asked by a member of Law Enforcement if you were 'doing' something, the chances are, that they already know you were indeed doing those things.

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