Before we get to pumpkin spice EVERYTHING season, we get to enjoy another yearly tradition!

Angry wasps getting wasted!

It's like me if I had wings and drank a sip of tequila.

Ned @ TSM

I look just like this after tequila (Ned @ TSM)

Here's what happens: a wasp will drink cider or other fermented fruit juice, run out of food, get PISSED (both angry and drunk definitions), and go on a stinging rampage.

Wasps are jerks.


This is especially prevalent in the United Kingdom, where newspapers warn of, "...'drunk and irritable' wasps who are going on 'stinging rampages'..."

Let's go to merry ol' England!

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I AM NOT A MERRY MAN! (Getty Images)

BTW: if you get the reference in the picture above, you're a geek like me.

It can happen anywhere that rotting fruit is left, so Minnesota (and the HOT weather we've been having) is certainly prone to drunken wasps. The best thing to do is to properly dispose of your waste, and keep the kids away from garbage cans. Once the cold weather hits, the wasps will die off.

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