I have always let my dog's hair grow out in the winter, and would then cut it short in the summer -- but then a light-bulb went off in my head.

I got to thinking, if their sweat glands in their tongue (#panting), what difference would it make if they have less hair on their body. I mean, we sweat though our skin -- but they don't. Could it be possible that their coat protects them from the heat in the same way it protects them from the cold?

The short answer is probably. According to the ASPCA:

While you or I would hate to sport multiple layers in 100-degree weather, your pets’ fur coats are actually providing them with heat relief. Acting like insulation, a dog’s coat keeps him from getting too cold in the winter, but also keeps him from overheating in the summer.


DogHealth.com adds these thoughts for keeping your dog cool:

  • Provide lots of fresh, cold water.
  • Make sure your dog always has shelter from the sun when he is outdoors.
  • Don't leave your dog outside in hot weather. Remember that it's easier for you to keep cool than them, so if it's hot for you, it's hotter for them.

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