Should the day after the Super Bowl be a national holiday? Apparently, employees aren't the only ones wanting to take part in this national sports holiday.

According to a survey from PR Newswire, 72% of HR Managers feel that the day after the big game SHOULD be a paid holiday! Why? Because everybody and their brother calls in sick the next day anyway.  The HR Managers were each given a list of big events including The Oscars, which 2 % said should be a national holiday...2% said the day after the World Cup...and another 2% said the day after the Stanley Cup Finals.  Only 1% said the day after the last game of the World Series.

32% of people admitted that they have shown up late the day after a major sporting event. 27% don't even bother going to work, and on average it seems that we waste about 27 minutes a day on sports related activities leading up to a major sporting event.

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