I love to shop online. I don't have to go to different stores to find the best deals; I can just surf around the web until I find it!

I still love shopping at local stores, too. If I am absolutely certain of what I'm looking for I'll shop local first.

Years ago, I worked a season at UPS as a package handler.

Beavis (Right And Butt Head From The Movie Beavis And Butt Head Do America
Go ahead and finish. I'll wait. (Getty Images)

My job was to unload the tractor trailers of packages onto a conveyor belt as quickly as possible. It was a heckuva workout! I was later moved to loading the brown box trucks you see driving around town. And quite often, those trucks would get packed so full that you couldn't even walk inside!

UPS And FedEx Deliver Packages As Holiday Shopping Season Begins
If there's air, something can go there! (Getty Images)

Amazon Prime's 2-day shipping only works if the delivery can make it to your home. When everyone's ordering stuff, there tends to be a logjam...so that 2-day delivery can take up to a week!

A lot of companies allow you to order online and then pick up at the local store...Walmart will even offer a discount for picking up your order!

Even though we're still two weeks away from Christmas, the deadline for getting something shipped to you in time is fast approaching. If there's something that you're considering ordering online, sh** or get off the pot!

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