A new video from MN Safety shows the shocking moment a Minnesota truck crashes into a highway divider in Maple Grove.

The terrifying moment a Minnesota driver crashes into a highway divider on I-94 has been captured by traffic camera and shared to Youtube. The video -- dated  Tuesday, April 6 -- begins with a shot of I-94 near Maple Grove. A white box truck travelling at a fast rate can be seen racing into the frame. Clearly driving on the shoulder outside of the designated left lane, the truck slams into a construction barrier, the impact sending material -- water or sand, it looks like -- flying everywhere and flipping the truck onto its side. A car following the truck drives into the cloud of debris, appearing to hit or just miss the truck. The video cuts ahead, though the scene doesn't seem to change much, indicating that only a matter of seconds or minutes have passed. The first state patrol vehicle arrives, with others soon following. Both drivers, it seems, walk away unhurt.

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Over the course of the 8:32 video (portions of it significantly sped up), additional emergency vehicles are seen arriving. A tow truck arrives and turns the truck -- identifiable as an APV Drywall Inc. truck -- upright. Road crews also arrive to fix and replace the barriers that were damaged.

The video gives no clarification on why the truck was driving in the shoulder, though speculations in the comment section include texting and driving, distraction and a medical emergency.

According to it's About section on Youtube, MN Safety publishes videos "to help educate and inform the public" and "to provide easily accessible data & information about the activities of law enforcement officers, promote transparency in government and help raise awareness about traffic safety #TowardZeroDeaths." You can see more videos from MN Safety here.

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