BEMIDJI -- When you head up north to the cabin this weekend, if you see some low flying airplanes, think twice before calling 911.

The Beltrami County Sheriff's Office wrote a scathing post on Facebook after getting noise complaint calls at the 911 dispatch center.

If you see these planes flying around, they are DNR planes most likely fighting fires. As was the case a few weeks ago in Eckles Township and again today with the fire in Bemidji, our 911 center took complaints on low flying planes “disturbing the peace”. These planes are out fighting fires and fly low so they can hit the fires most effectively.

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We are very fortunate to have these planes in Bemidji to help with fire fighting. The inconvenience of hearing the planes flying over could be saving lives and property. Before all the, “that is dispatch’s job” people chime in… answering emergency calls is their job. Having to put people needing ambulances or people reporting crimes on hold to answer another 911 call and explain there’s a fire with firefighting planes which is why you’re annoyed and hearing them delays the efficiency of emergency services.

With little rain in the forecast, we are likely to see more wildfires. Burning bans and restrictions could be even more restrictive in the coming days. Please be smart and refrain from any burning.

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