History. With every second that passes, we are creating history. The Stearns History Museum wants you to share your story with them. 2020 will be a year that will have many stories attached to it; and without organizations such as the Stearns History Museum capturing those stories, we could lose important historical events that can help shape our future, learn from our mistakes, and create understanding for those that are different than us.


As our community grows, it grows in diversity. We have many different people from all over the world. Some cultures are more understood than others; and that's why it's so important to extend the invitation to all cultures to share their history and background, as each person and families story is as important as the next. Sharing our common and non shared experiences, helps us understand each other better; the things we celebrate, holidays, foods, ancestry, jobs, and stories of love and loss.

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If you would like to learn more about sharing your family history, or know of someone in the community that would want to share their story, feel free to contact the Stearns History Museum. You can also click HERE to learn more about how to share the information.


Pictures, letters, passports, stories, recipes; regions of the world where your family traveled from to get to central Minnesota, it's all a part of our combined history.



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