We've adopted a local family in need this Christmas through Catholic Charities' 'Share the Spirit' program -- on behalf of us, you, and the rest of 98.1 Nation. There's a single mom in St. Cloud with two daughters that we hope you will join us in helping this holiday season with a donation of just $10.

We are in need of thirty 98.1 listeners to join us in making a $10 donation to help this family through a hard time -- and deliver them hope and a better Christmas than they would have without us.

We were told by CC that the family would provide us a list from each family member of three things they need, and three things they want. We received their letter, and the truth is that this humble mother (and 10 & 8 year old daughter) gave us a small, basic list of what most of us would consider all needs. Nothing frivolous, nothing fancy.

Ashli and I read their letter and were brought to near tears, and have become even more committed to help them out -- and we want to bring you inside this opportunity to make our world a little better place.

Can you join us in making a ten dollar (one-time) donation. If you are willing to join us and answer that question with a 'yes,' you can drop it off at the station or use the secure form below.

Thank you for your spirit and sharing. We will keep you up to date on how this story unfolds as we move forward through this Christmas season.

Pete & Ashli

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