"Let the anger flow through you!" ~ Emperor Palpatine

Turns out, ol' Scarface-From-Space was onto something besides galactic genocide.

A new study has found that we can channel our rage into accomplishing challenging tasks. This is great news for the Kyles of the world, and bad news for drywall just sitting there minding its business.

"Who says something stupid like Grow some substance?! Photo by Klara Kulikova on Unsplash)
"Who says stupid things like 'Grow some substance?!' to a media company?!" Photo by Klara Kulikova on Unsplash)

The brave souls at the American Psychological Association stocked up on extra drywall and decided to test if 'Mericans can accomplish things out of anger that aren't politically-related.

A well-defended research team at Texas A&M showed 1,000 participants various images to see if their stock of drywall could survive (fortunately, not everybody was a Kyle). The images were not JUST meant to spark anger; they also wanted to elicit delight, desire (ope), and de...sorrow.

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And once the lab rats participants were all doped up on emotions, the researchers gave them various tasks.

Elevated anger helped the lab rats get the challenging things done, but only the challenging tasks. The results didn't show anger helping with the easy stuff.

Photo by Christopher Ott on Unsplash
"WHY DO I THINK EVERTHING I DON'T LIKE IS CLICKBAIT?! WHO HURT ME?!?!" Photo by Christopher Ott on Unsplash

Punching drywall is easy. Hanging drywall takes skill. So if you're struggling with something complicated like a puzzle or reading comprehension, try a little anger.

Just leave the drywall alone!

H/T: Study Finds

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