Recently Sesame Street has been doing a lot of different things to re-brand themselves to a new generation of viewers. From parody songs to parodies of shows in a style reminiscent of Saturday Night Live. Here's their latest parody.

Obviously Blake Shelton and his other The Voice coaches are huge right now. It is one of the most watched shows on television so it's no surprise that other shows would parody it. In this installment from Sesame Street, they parody Blake, Christina and Cee Lo, but leave out Adam - I wonder why?

Over the last year PBS has been trying to bring new life to their new and old shows. They have come up with brilliant autotune songs from some of their most beloved shows as well as breathed new life into Sesame Street. It looks like the network that always seems to be begging for money has finally found a way to capture the attention of those that aren't necessarily watching the channel.

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