The Tri-County Humane Society opened a cute new location this week. Their new location is called Kitty Corner, located in that little red and white building that sits on the corner of Washington Memorial Drive and Division Street.

This new addition to the TCHS family is on the bus line unlike the shelter. TCHS checked with Metro Bus and cats are allowed on the bus as long as they are in carriers. So if you plan on adopting your new cat or kitten there bring a carrier, and if you don't have one TCHS will provide one for you to safely get your new friend home.


What's the difference between the cats at Kitty Corner and the ones at the shelter? Nothing really! This is just a place to go that is more accessible, and all the cats and kittens there are all fixed, vaccinated, and ready to go home!

This new location is adoption only, so they won't be doing intakes or taking donations there, but if you are looking to meet and take home some very sweet kitties, this would be the place to stop!

Take a look inside in the video below and check out Kelly's story on Kitty Corner from earlier this week!

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