So this is where we are at as a country.

What scents remind you of summer? Freshly-cut grass? Campfires? Bourbon?

Don't judge me.

The U.S. Postal Service is attempting to capture the sweet summer scent of icy pops in their stamps.

The campaign is called #FrozenTreatsStamps. Dear lord, why?


I hope they do a good job capturing these scents, because the last thing we need are chemical versions of chocolate in our stamps.

In all honesty, it's a cool idea. Grandparents and other weirdos who still mail letters now have a fun option for mailing. Kids will love it! Obsessive sniffers will obsess over it.

Scratch-n-sniff technology ("technology") hasn't been vogue for a while, so why not bring it back and make it somewhat useful?

I don't plan on investing in a stamp book of scratch-n-sniff stamps...mainly because I'm poor and would rather use free email. I'm a fuddy duddy like that.


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