On Wednesday, Pete and I let the cat out of the bag that we won't be doing the morning show together anymore. It's bittersweet news. Pete and I have done the morning show together for nearly two years now. We've had a lot of memorable moments and I'm really going to miss it.

Pete will be moving to the afternoon spot on 98.1, so you'll still be able to hear him! I'll be leaving the show to move across the hall to host a morning show with my husband Dave on our sister station Mix 94.9. It's a dream that my husband and I have always had--to host a show together.

I met my husband Dave in college when we both were attending broadcast school at St. Cloud State and working at the college radio station KVSC. Things have kind of come around full circle for us--going from rookie college students to getting to do a show together in my hometown. We're really excited and looking forward to our next chapter.

I'll never forget the amazing experiences I've had on 98.1 and the amazing people I've gotten to meet along this journey. Minnesota's New Country truly has some of the best fans and supporters out there!

Even though Pete and I will be leaving the morning show, you'll be in great hands with Ned and Kelly. They'll be your new spunky morning show team starting Monday!

With that being said, I wanted to share with you some of my favorite morning show moments with my partner, Pete Hanson! I hope you enjoyed the show as much as we enjoyed hosting it!

That time I thought Pete was actually a missing person:

When we were freaked out over rumors of a 'smiley face killer':

One of our many talks about germs and sanitation;

Getting to call Dream Getaway winners;

When we exposed all of our radio secrets to you;

When we tried to start a movement;

The day we went shopping for the family we adopted over Christmas;

I made Pete come to work on his vacation day...I still feel bad about it;

When Pete and I embraced the fall and carved pumpkins at work;

Tricking Barry into buying us jerky;

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