You might recognize Aaron Clafton from the Sauk Rapids area, or Bemidji if you happened to go to college there when he did. This Sauk Rapids native has called Nashville his home the past three years honing in his singing and songwriting skills, and now he's releasing music of his own.

Clafton's first single "Spare Key" will be available everywhere you can buy and stream music on Friday June 28th. Over the phone he told me that the song is based off of a story he heard at a house party. Someone was going through a bad breakup and told their roommates they needed to change the hiding spot for the spare key because the ex knew where it was at. Clafton liked the idea of a spare key being symbolic in a relationship, and created his first single based on the idea.


During the interview Aaron also shared what he likes most about living in Nashville, as well as what he misses most about Minnesota. You can listen to the whole interview in the video below, and be sure to download and stream "Spare Key" wherever you consume music.

Congratulations on the new single Aaron! We can't wait to see where your country music journey leads!

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