If you've driven past the Sauk Rapids Dairy Queen on Benton Drive in Sauk Rapids lately, you might have seen the giant sign in the window pointing to spring!

The Sauk Rapids DQ is set to open for the season on Friday, February 28. Alert the masses and tell your friends. Their opening comes just in time for Leap Day! How are you celebrating? If it's not with ice cream, you're doing it wrong.

Did you know that DQ workers go to school to learn how to put the famous curl in the twist? It's true, just ask Food Network. DQ even has it trademarked. No other company can put the famous DQ curl in their frozen treats.

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When I was growing up in Sauk Rapids my class would always take a walking field trip to the Dairy Queen once the weather started warming up. It was always my most favorite day of school.

Get excited, Sauk Rapids! DQ is opening soon!

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