Everybody gets excited when a pinata is pulled out at a party, and you can imagine how faces light up when one of these custom-made creations shows up.

Courtnee Maier creates out-of-this-world pinatas in Sartell under her brand Maier Creations.

I saw her amazing pinatas on the St. Cloud Area Online Garage Sale on Facebook and had to reach out to her to get the story behind her amazing art:

I actually started with wood crafts/paintings after art school. For my daughters second birthday I couldn't find the pinata I wanted locally so I decided to diy it. The next year I made another and figured I'd see if it was something there was a market for in the area. And now I've been making them for around 5-6 years.

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Courtnee said that some of her favorites are the larger ones she's created, shown in the photo above. She has done everything from Super Mario, to realistic sea turtles, to 3-foot-tall Ron Diaz bottles. And those are just a few she has made this summer.

Pinatas aren't the only artistic outlet Courtnee has, her page shows realistic pet portraits, digital and physical drawings, and vinyl work.

Courtnee's pinata creations are truly unique and would add the perfect pizazz to your next party. She said most of her pinatas are around the $25-$35 range, and the larger ones depend on how complicated the design is. Those start at $40 and go up from there.

Check out Courtnee's work, and latest projects on her Facebook page. It's so cool to see such talented artists and creators in our area.

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