SARTELL (WJON News) -- Sartell has a new logo and website to better identify themselves.

During Monday's city council meeting, the council unveiled an updated logo, tagline, and website. The new website will go live on Tuesday.

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The City’s logo has not been updated since 1999, and the website has not been updated since 2017.

Mayor Ryan Fitzthum says new logo reflects how residents view the City they live in, and why they chose to call Sartell home.

The new logo really speaks to our communities brand and what makes Sartell great. I hope this brand will carry us forward for the next twenty years.

More about the Logo:

THE BRIDGE is a simple representation of the Old Sartell Bridge located on the Mississippi River. This landmark speaks not only to Sartell’s history but to the idea of progress and connecting the past to the future.

THE SUN is a symbol of good representing Sartell’s positivity, energy, and overall warmth of the community.

THREE RAPIDS reflect upon Sartell’s history when the City of Sartell was first known as “The Third Rapids” by the French fur traders. Furthermore, the bottom rapid with the green hue has a dual-purpose of representing not only the third rapid but also a bank along the river.

THE CIRCLE is representative of community, friendship, unity, inclusivity, and growth.

COLORS the colors were chosen because they represent ideas our residents have about the City including: growing, energetic, modern, safe, secure, and active

The council also approved the tagline “it’s not where we live but how we live that matters. Live Sartell.” to emphasize the many reasons why residents selected Sartell as the place to plant roots: schools, trails, safety, or access to the river.

Sartell officials say they will be transitioning from the old logo to the new logo over the course of many months. This will include vehicle decals, park signs, flags, water towers, and more.



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