SARTELL -- It's been several weeks since the school shooting in Texas and the impacts can still be felt, despite schools being out for the summer.

Sartell-St. Stephen Superintendent Jeff Ridlehoover says while these types of situations have become far too common in recent years, they remain committed to the safety, well-being and security of students, staff and families.

We feel good about our protocols around active shooters and safety and security, but they are never perfect. I followed up with our building administration teams to see what things we could do better, and we've talked with local law enforcement as well.

Ridlehoover says they continue to have dialog with building staff on protocols and continue to practice their ALICE response training to make their sure school is a safe as possible.

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On a positive note, The Sartell-St. Stephen School District wrapped up the school year with smiling faces as the 2022 graduating class received their diploma's last weekend.

Ridlehoover says they were able to accomplish a lot throughout this past school year, however the work isn't finished.

He says prior to the end of the school year, all five buildings form instructional leadership teams which will collaborate and improve the overall learning experience.

Those teacher teams will have significant influence within their buildings. They will work with the faculty to implement those practices we are going to put into place next school year. The planning for that has started and we are excited to get that rolling.

Ridlehoover says those teacher teams hold a two day workshop at the start of August to begin laying the groundwork for when classes begin in September.

He says other items they plan to address this summer includes addressing their additional staffing needs and routine cleaning and maintenance of the school buildings.


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