I was at Sam's Club in Sartell yesterday picking up a few bulk purchases...and I was shopping by myself, so I decided to go down every single aisle and see what was new.

When you've got a 4 year old who usually accompanies you shopping, you know that going down every aisle is a rarity.

Halloween is coming up and you really couldn't tell due to all of the Christmas décor they had displayed around the store. It actually put me in a very 'tis the season' mood.

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I noticed that Sam's Club is selling an 'Advent Calendar For Dogs'. How cool is that? I know many pet owners who like to spoil their animals around the holidays. It's cool that they make something that will get the dogs excited for Christmas too.

The calendar includes 35 grain free meat treats for your fur baby! And, it comes in festive packaging.

According to Sam's Club's website, the calendar features all-natural treats that only contain 1 to 2 ingredients each. They're 95 percent pure poultry and beef.

If you'd like to get your hands on one of these advent calendars before the holidays, they're selling for $9.98 plus tax. You can pick it up in the store or ship it right to your house.

They've got good reviews online, too. Their overall product rating is 4.6 out of 5 stars.

One person named Gigi wrote, "My pup had fun opening this with my kids all December. Easy to tear open and the treats were good treats too! The big surprise was my dogs favorite! He has an overbite and can’t eat many treats but that big one he loved!!"

Stevestv rated the product 5 stars and wrote, "My dog absolutely loved it. Every day when we brought the Advent calendar out he went absolutely nuts from the first treat to the last treat. He is very picky about his treats, but he loved every last one. He tore the package apart looking for more."

Now, I just need to find their wine advent calendar for me...


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