The Sartell Robotics team has qualified for the World Championships in Houston this April, but they need a hand in being able to afford the trip. Right now the team has a GoFundMe up for the event and is looking to raise about $25,000 for the trip. So far the team's GoFundMe has raised almost $11,000. 

According to the GoFundMe page:

The Sabre Robotics team from Sartell High School in Sartell, Minnesota won the Lake Superior Regional in Duluth, Minnesota. The team also won the Sustainability Award and First Dean's List Award. The win and awards qualify them for the World Robotics Championship on April 19-22 in Houston, Texas. First Championship hosts the international event to promote science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) in our young people and community.
Sabre Robotics started in 2016 and this is their first regional win. They are proud to represent Sartell High School, Sartell, and Minnesota in a World competition.
The team is asking for your help to raise money to cover the registration fee ($5000), transportation, hotel, and food expenses. This will be a lifelong memorable experience for many of the students.
Thank you for your donations and support of Sabre Robotics. All donations will go directly to the trip. Whether or not you choose to donate, please share this information with family, friends, co-workers, business sponsors, and the community.

The competition isn't until April 19th, so there still is some time to help the team, if you are able to.

We are wishing the Sabre's the best of luck during their fundraiser, and hopefully, they can achieve world championship status, as that would be pretty cool as a teen.

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