Many people will be sending and receiving packages through the mail this month. That's why the Sartell Police Department is offering up some safety tips through their Facebook page to help prevent theft of your mail this holiday season.

Some of their safety tips include; picking up your delivered mail everyday. Don't allow it to sit in your mailbox overnight. Never put outgoing mail in your mailbox, instead, take it to a secure mailbox at the Post Office.

If you are expecting a package in the mail you should have a trusted neighbor watch for and pick up your delivered packages--or, if your work allows it, have them delivered there.

Keep an eye out for unfamiliar vehicles driving through your neighborhood stopping by mailboxes. Don't assume they are dropping off advertising flyers.

If you do see mail theft in progress or believe your mail has been stolen, call your local police department and then call Postal Inspectors hotline at 877-876-2455 and press 3.

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