That time is just about here!  Santa is BACK at Crossroads Mall.  This is a chance to bring your family in for a picture with Santa. This year you can even bring in your favorite furry family member.  There are special dates you can reserve to have your furry four-legged family member have a picture with Santa.

Crossroads will have Santa set up right by Caribou coffee stand inside the mall near JCPenney.

There will be certain COVID protocols still in place.  But nothing too crazy. Basically common sense things like if you are not feeling well, please pick another time to come to have your picture taken.  Always cover your cough or sneeze, and if you feel more comfortable wearing a mask, that is fine, but you can remove it for the picture.  That part is up to each individual.

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The special pet nights with Santa will be on Mondays.  Reservations are encouraged, and would probably be easier to make sure you get your photo on the day and time you would like. To make a reservation, just go through the Crossroads website. Those opportunities will begin on November 29th and continue through the week of Christmas, December 20th.

You can also make a reservation for a photo with Santa and your family too.  Everyone's time is valuable, and they would like to make the experience as pleasant as possible.  So reservations are encouraged for those photos too.  But without a pet, your days are not limited to just Mondays.  Check out the website for those reservations opportunities.

The holidays are here!  And I know people are saying "it's not the holidays, it's Christmas" what I mean by holidays is Thanksgiving through New Year's Day.  There are quite a few holidays in there that do include everyone.  So... it's holidays, as in more than one.

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