I made a trip to Menard's yesterday after work, just to pick up some filters for my furnace, some chains for my ceiling fan, and on my way out, I happened to see the candy section. As I milled over the many choices, I chose those terribly delicious cherry slices.

I ate about 4 slices and then when I arrived at my home, I stuck them in my console so I wouldn't continue to chow down on them in the house.

I proceeded to grab by bags and head into the house; replace the furnace filter, fix the ceiling fan, and then off to some housecleaning.


I think it was between 10 and midnight. Sampson started growling; and staring at me while he was laying on the floor. I looked at him and asked..."I've never heard you do that before?"

I just figured he heard a bus; a car; people walking by. I think I was right.


When I got in my car before work this morning and started the vehicle;  the car flashed a message saying that my passenger door was open.  I reached over and noticed that it was barely shut. No one was on that side of my car yesterday at all. The kids were all gone with friends.

I looked on the seat, and my glass cases that were in my console were all out on my seat. AND...the cherry slices were gone! Seriously. I absolutely know FOR SURE what I did last night; it was relaxing and there was no one else home. I checked everything else out in my vehicle. Nothing gone out of the glove box. That was the only food I had in the vehicle; so I'm wondering if that's all the person was looking for was food.


Lock your doors. I really thought I did. I just grabbed my bags and headed in the house. I'll be taking a more thorough look at my vehicle when I get home this afternoon and you can bet I'll be looking out the window every time Sampson looks at me THAT WAY!

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