When I was a kid and even in my 20s I thought it was so fun to go camping... in a tent.  The older I get, the more I don't want the hassle of tent camping.  Even with an air mattress or cots, the tent can still be so uncomfortable.  It gets so damp, bugs, tracking in EVERYTHING from the area around you.  Can be super noisy, the list goes on.  But I still like the idea of camping.  Get out and enjoy nature for a weekend or so.  But still have some modern conveniences.

Enter "glamping".  It's become a thing.  And now, there is a spot in Minnesota that has made a list of the "best in the United States".  It comes in at number 5.

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Goldie the Caboose is an old train car that has been repurposed into a small cabin of sorts.  It originally comes from the Duluth area. There are parts included from other areas as well.

Her current flooring is from the old Hackensack MN gymnasium. Salvaged many years ago by someone that thought it might be worth something someday, it's now part of our caboose.

If you go to the website for Goldie the Caboose, you will find out some other information on the unit. The caboose is really just for one couple.  The only reason for that is because there is just one bed.  Not really family friendly, but if you do have kids and would like to bring them, they do encourage you to call and talk to them about that situation.

This caboose has 1 full sized bed for 2 adults. It is not very comfortable for children due to the lack of bedding, but they will be considered on a case by case basis . Please feel free to ask! It has air conditioning and heat as well as hot and cold running water, shower and flush toilet

Sounds like this little train car also has other modern conveniences too.  But it's if you want that or not, you can choose to sit outside, fireside, enjoy the water around you, or a cool nature hike.. And, you can make it as rustic as you would like to be.  Perfect.

Unfortunately right now the website says they are not currently accepting any bookings.  Hopefully that will change soon because it looks like a great little getaway for a couple.

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