Yesterday was a beautiful day for a nice fall walk. So, my fiance and my younger sisters went to Collegeville Orchards and to Saint John's University with me.

It's tradition that I buy apple butter from the little gift shop at Collegeville Orchards every year. This year was no different--of course I stocked up! After our pumpkin patch adventure at the Collegeville Orchard, we stopped out to SJU for a walk along the Lake Sagatagan.

The campus is just glowing with orange, red and gold beauty, it looks like some kind of fall wonderland. Leaves and vines that have grown up the sides of some of the old buildings are at peak fall color. It almost looks like a waterfall of multicolored leaves. It's a sight that you need to see! I recommend going on a walk of your own and checking out the beauty. It's definitely worth it.