I cannot be the only person who notices this.  And I've seen it happen so many times.  It's really about basic consideration for other people at a convenience store, at a coffee shop and actually at a stop light....basically anywhere that there is a line.


There were quite a few of us waiting in line at a coffee shop. This lady was on her phone having a conversation.  That wasn't really the problem.  The issue was the fact that she was speaking so loudly...to the point where you had to think that the person on the other end didn't even need to phone anywhere near their ear.  This continued all the way up to where she was the person to be served.  She still didn't put the phone down, and had the barista wait a bit while she finished her conversation.  This is rude....not only to the people behind you who are having to wait for you, like your time is any more important than their time, but also to the barista.  Just put your phone down.


This person...and it's not just one person...who purchases a scratch off lottery ticket or tickets- go scratch off your tickets away from the counter.  Why would anyone think it's a good idea to stand there and scratch off all the tickets that you just purchased?  It's usually not just one, either.  Along with this... the employee should probably ask them to step aside so they can help the next person in line. But I'm thinking that people just need to be more aware of others around them.

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The light turns green and no one moves.  I do understand that there is the risk of someone running the red light going in the other direction, but you can look and see.  Generally this happens when there isn't anyone else coming in either direction.  The only thing I can think of is that the driver is on their phone, when they aren't supposed to be, and using the time at the red light to do whatever they feel is necessary on their phone.  Texting, making a call, scrolling for directions, etc.  But... you aren't paying attention with people behind you needing to get to their destination as well.


Know what you are going to order before you get to the bar when there's a big line behind you.  You had all of this time while you were waiting... so figure it out before you hold everyone up trying to make your decision.  This is also true of people at Starbucks or Caribou or other coffee shops, and fast food places.

Bottom line- just be aware of others around you and be conscious of their time as well as your own.  Thank you!

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