I noticed something new as I drove into work this morning down Hwy 10. A "Rough Road" sign has been installed as you approach the stoplight at East St. Germain Street.

Anyone who has had to drive through this intersection lately knows just how bad it is. Swerving to avoid potholes, while also navigating a heavy traffic area has proven difficult. I know I've found myself apologizing to my car multiple times while driving through that light in the past couple of weeks.

The Minnesota Department of Transportation shared a post on Facebook updating drivers on the pothole situation:

Hwy 10/23 St. Cloud interchange: MnDOT has received many calls and emails about potholes in this area and admit the pavement is rough. We ask that you be watchful and drive with caution in this area. MnDOT maintenance employees are monitoring and making repairs.

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MnDOT goes on to share the information released recently about the big construction project that this area is undergoing starting this spring. You can check out more on that project here.

Crews have been out working to fill potholes as best they can, but we are right in the middle of winter, and with the shifting temperatures and wear and tear from traffic and plows, these potholes aren't going anywhere anytime soon. And these Hwy10 craters are on another level. They are bad enough to warrant their own sign.

Thank you to all the crews working to get these fixed as quickly and efficiently as possible, your hard work is appreciated. REMINDER: slow down and give road crews space to safely do their jobs.

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