Just like the rest of us, country stars fall in and out of love -- but unlike the rest of us, their romantic turmoil is often the inspiration for songs that, in turn, get the rest of us through our own restless sea of love. And so, just like all of us, country stars are hit and miss with their romantic (or not-so-much) plans when it comes to Valentine's Day.

Perhaps you're into putting in a lot of effort for a grand gesture, as Keith Urban is for his wife, Nicole Kidman. Or maybe you're more of a hit-and-run lover (we see you, Billy Currington!). Either way, there's a bit of advice and inspiration for you in the photo gallery below, which is full of some of the best Valentine's Day (or anti-Valentine's Day) memories, celebrations, traditions and even blunders and mishaps that country's biggest stars have shared over the years.

As Shakespeare said, "The course of true love never did run smooth" -- even for celebrities. Flip through the gallery to find out how your favorite country stars celebrate (or don't) love and romance:

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