Congratulations are in order for Ronnie Dunn and his family — the ‘Cost of Livin” singer became a grandfather for the first time on Sunday (Feb. 26). Dunn found the news especially exciting, as his new grandson was lucky enough to be born on Johnny Cash‘s birthday.

“Huxton “HUCK” Wayne Dunn…3 hours old,” Dunn shared with his Facebook fans on Sunday afternoon, adding, “Born on Johnny Cash’s birthday !!!” The excited grandpapa also included a first photo of the bundle of joy being held by Dunn’s son Jesse, who couldn’t look more in love with his newborn baby.

Dunn first announced the news of the impending arrival over the Thanksgiving holidays, even spilling that he knew it was a boy. “There’s always somethin’ to be thankful for, we find. Our kids come into town. My son is a teacher in Sacramento. They … he and his wife — I can’t say the word — it’s our first child that one of our kids has had. What do you call that word? [Laughs] I can’t get it to come out yet,” Dunn said at the time, unable to let the information sink in. “Anyway, they have a baby due. Found out it’s a boy. And, so, I’m gonna be a granddad. I got it out. I gotta go to therapy now.”

While we know Dunn was joking, we’re sure seeing baby Huck’s sweet face is therapy enough to help him get over his fear of becoming an old man. Congrats to the whole Dunn family on the new baby! He’s a lucky little guy.

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