Rocky, the pet Boa Constrictor that was lost in Princeton has been reunited with his owners. Rocky the 5 1/2 foot boa was lost for about a week, before finally being found on the step of a neighbors house.  Ammey Sweenie, Rocky's owner was thrilled, and couldn't figure out how he stayed warm enough to stay alive. She's now giving him lots of love and affection and keeping an eye on him to make sure he doesn't become ill.

I have to say, I was really wondering if he might be found in my backyard...I think I would be a little spooked if I saw him, so thanks to the owner for letting the county know that Rocky was a pet, and was out there waiting to be found.

As for my Mom, she can now go shopping again. I don't think she's ever recovered from Dennis and I putting a Wild Kingdom book under her pillow when we were little, that had a picture of a cobra on the front...oh yes...we did.  Naughty kids.

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