15 miles of road resurfacing projects are underway in the city of St. Cloud.  Tracy Hodel is the Public Services Director in St. Cloud.  She indicates these projects have begun and the hot/dry weather is a benefit to completing these.

Each of these projects have the following steps; the public works and the public utilities staffs make adjustments on the gate valves, manhole structures, do catch basin repairs, and helping with erosion control.  Next the contractor comes out to do some milling on that roadway if needed, then some leveling is done followed by the pavers coming in.  Hodel says they have work throughout the city limits in regards to resurfacing.  This is based on priorities and what makes sense for the contractor going from location to location.

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Hodel says they started with some of their bigger resurfacing projects which included Hadrian Road, 250th and 255th Streets.  She says most of that work is already done.  The next priority is to get some work being done around the St. Cloud State area.  Hodel says they would like do be done by the end of August with these resurfacing projects.

Street sweeping is still on the radar of things to get done in the city according to Hodel.  She explains due to the late winter and road resurfacing projects, street sweeping has been delayed.  Hodel says their street sweepers are out and are planning to get to more areas next week.

If you'd like to listen to my conversation with Tracy Hodel which also includes a conversation about bigger road projects and possible drought conditions, it is available below.



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