Every so often we have friends/family that will come into town and may need a place to stay if they are not staying with us.  So, I like to check out the area hotels that are nice, without breaking the bank in order to make some recommendations.

If you go to Trip Advisor, you will find that one hotel in St. Cloud has the worst reviews of any other.  These horrible reviews are as recent as October of 2022, and I scrolled back to some that were from 2018.  Nothing had changed in any of those years.  In fact, most of the reviews were saying the same things.  Stating how dirty the rooms were, TVs not working, smoke alarms either not there, or not working.  Front desk not answering the phone, and the list goes on. On a positive note, some of them did say that the staff was friendly.

Some people stated that it didn't look as though anyone had done anything with the room as far as cleaning, maintenance, amenities,etc.

The breakfast had the same round of complaints as well.  People saying that the only things offered were waffles and cereal, or waffles and bad bread. The hotel running out of breakfast items an hour into the breakfast, most people not at all happy with their hotel selection.

Since the complaints on Trip Advisor go back to 2018 and before that, I'm wondering why the people who booked the hotel didn't check Trip Advisor first.  It's obvious that they use Trip Advisor, so I guess the first thing I would do is to check those reviews first.  One person even said that it would be better to sleep in their car than to stay in this hotel for even one night.

Whatever the situation, it seems that the Super 8, which is located next to Perkins across from Crossroads Mall in St Cloud, needs to make some improvements.  Since the last review that was posted was from October of 2022,  and nothing had been done in 4 or more years, it might be safe to say that there still hasn't been anything done in the last 6 - 9 months.  But I would need to check for sure.  But it sounds like some major changes need to be made.

The hotel did get positive reviews on location.  So there's that.

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