ST. CLOUD -- Black Friday is nearing and that means many of us experienced shoppers are gearing up for a crazy night of bargain hunting, a new report might help you find the best deals.

The personal-finance site WalletHub is making the hunt a little easier this year with their recently released report on the best places to shop on Black Friday.


WalletHub surveyed about 7,000 deals from 35 of the largest U.S. retailers' 2018 Black Friday ad scans and calculated the average discount each retailer plans to offer. The deals are then separated into 11 product categories.

Eleven of the 35 stores have locations in the St. Cloud metro area. JCPenney has the largest retailer discount with 65.1%. See below how the other 10 in our area compare for overall retailer discounts.

1. JCPenney - 65.1%
2. Kohl's - 60.8 %
3. Payless ShoeSource 50.3%
4. Dick's Sporting Goods 49.9%
5. Macy's 48.7%
6. Shopko 45.2%
7. Target 34.8%
8. Walmart 29.9%
9. Best Buy 28.7%
10. Sam's Club 22.3%
11. Ace Hardware 21.9%

Breaking it down into categories, JCPenney takes #2 in apparel and accessories with a 62.99% discount being offered.

In computers and phones, JCPenney also has the #2 spot with offering a 39.24% discount. Taking #3 is Office Depot and OfficeMax offering a 37.94% discount, Target is #4 with 36.82% and Kohl's #5 with a 35.82% discount on computers and phones.

For consumer packaged goods, JCPenney takes #1 with offering a 58.15% discount and Shopko comes in at #4 with a 29.42% discount.

In the toys category, JCPenney is the only local retailer to make the top five. It came in at #3 with offering a 47.41% discount on toys. JCP is also leading the way in the furniture category with offering a 72.37% discount on furniture. Shopko is #2 for furniture with offering a 60.34% discount. Kohl's is #4 with 52.32% and Office Depot and OfficeMax is #5 with a 49.41% discount.

Moving on jewelry, Kohl's is ranked at #3 with offering a 72.69% discount on jewelry. JCPenney is #5 with offering a 70.83% discount.

For video games, it looks like Best Buy is going to be your "best buy," the electronics retailer is offering a 47.03% discount on video games. Meanwhile, Walmart is offering a 46.26% discount and Target is offering a 45.46% discount on video games.

If you want to check out the full report follow the link below.

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