Halfway through the month of July, which means there is plenty of time left to break a bad habit before it becomes illegal.

As of August 1st, you may not hold your phone in your hand while operating a vehicle. You are allowed to use it's features like calling, sending texts, listening to music or getting directions but only via voice assistant.

The only time you are allowed to operate your phone using your hand is if it is to obtain emergency assistance, or if there is an immediate threat to life and safety.


Smart watches fall under this Hands-Free law as well. Drivers can use them as a conventional watch to check time, but smart watches are considered electronic communications devices.

There are fees for violating this new law. The first ticket is $50 plus court fees, and the second and later tickets are $275 plus court fees.

The cheapest way to avoid breaking the law: just don't use your phone while you are driving. If you do need to make a call use a single earphone that has the microphone, making you hands-free. (Using earphones in both ears at the same time is illegal in Minnesota!)

For other hands-free options and more FAQ's about the new law, click here! 

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