Drivers running red lights is a problem in many communities and St. Cloud is no exception.  Today on WJON's Radio Town Hall meeting with St. Cloud Mayor Dave Kleis he explains who he advocates every year at the Minnesota State Legislature for red light cameras.  These cameras are currently illegal in Minnesota but Kleis feels if red light cameras were allowed it would make a big difference in the amount of people who run red lights.  22 states currently allow red light cameras to catch red light runners including Iowa, Illinois and Missouri.

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Kleis explains red light cameras aren't allowed based on statute and it this isn't a constitutional issue.  He says Minneapolis is looking at a pilot program where they would have red light cameras.  Kleis indicates he'll be testifying again at the legislature to allow the city to make the decision to have red light cameras.  He says if it were allowed we may not see cameras at every intersection in the city but they would be at intersections that would make the most sense.

Google maps will let drivers know when they approach an intersection with red light cameras which Kleis says in most cases will prevent someone from running a red light.  He says currently police officers need to see someone run a red light to pull them over and ticket them.  Kleis says drivers can appeal these tickets and if red light cameras were legal those could be appealed as well.  He says:

Cameras would be a great tool to not only prevent the running of red lights but there is also the safety issue.

Kleis says cameras could also be used for speeding.  19 states allow cameras to catch speeders including Illinois, and Iowa.

If you'd like to listen to my conversation with Mayor Kleis which includes some call in questions it is available below.



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