Now that the snow is winding down, the National Weather Service is telling us to brace for record cold this weekend. Lows Sunday morning will be in the teens below zero, with wind chills between 25 and 40 below.

The average highs for early March should be in the mid 30s -- instead, we'll be seeing single digits for the next few days.

National Weather Service

Bundle up buttercup. The NWS says that record cold highs are likely both Sunday & Monday. Sunday's record low in STC is -19°. Sunday's record low high in STC is 3°. Monday's record low is -19°. And Monday's record low high is 6°. All are possible.

From the National Weather Service tonight: Lows Sunday and Monday mornings will be in the teens below zero with wind chills in the 25 below to 40 below range.

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