You might have seen this before, but an Illinois-based photographer is looking to reunite the photos he found in an old camera. The photos seem to hold a distinct Minnesota connection as in one of the photos you can see a Minnesota License Plate hanging onto the front of an old Cadillac. So the question remains, who is this unknown soldier and how can we reunite this photograph with his rightful remaining family?

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I sent the photographer who developed the film, Keith Yearman, a photographer from the Greater Chicagoland area, to post about trying to reunite the photos with the rightful family members, but he can't seem to find out who this mystery soldier is.

Yearman told me when I contacted him that he has gotten some information about the pictures, but nothing substantial. Here is what Yearman has learned about the photos.

People recognized a placard on the car for example. And people recognize the uniform as being from the seabees. But in terms of anything about the identity, no. Help would absolutely be appreciated.

One piece of information that hasn't been followed up on, from what I've read, is that the photos were taken on a Kodak Brownie camera. Yearman bought the camera at a street market in Chicago when he noticed it sitting on a vendor's table. When he got the camera home he noticed that it had undeveloped film still inside of it and when he developed it he found the pictures.

If you think you might have the key to this picture mystery, you can reach out to Yearman on his Instagram page, or through his website.

You can view the photos, in higher definition if you follow the link here. 

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