ST. CLOUD -- Friday's fast and powerful storm has left many St. Cloud area residents with serious car trouble.

The storm, which began in the early evening hour of Friday, July 26, reportedly left many with severe dents and shattered windshields.

Nick Sundby, shop manager for Miller Auto Body in St. Cloud, says his shop has 19 people working today to keep up with heavy demand. He adds, the issues they're seeing are not minor.

"This morning, there were three vehicles waiting with the glass shattered out, before we got here," Sundby says. "The phones have been ringing nonstop."


Sundby says there's no way to estimate exactly how many vehicles were affected, but his shop's three damage estimating bays have been full all day, every day, since Friday.

So, what can you do in the immediate if you're still waiting for assistance? Sundby says, there's a short list of ways to keep damage at bay and get the ball rolling on repair work.

"If there's shattered glass, do everything you can to keep water out," he says. "Call your insurance company as quickly as possible, and make sure you pick a shop and let (the insurance company) know where you want them to take it to be repaired."

The powerful storms rolled through the St. Cloud metro on Friday evening. At its peak, 60 mph wind gusts and ping pong ball-sized hail were reported, and there were reader reports of shattered car windshields in the Clear Lake area.

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